Our initiative for education and science

3Dconnexion 3D mice, like SpaceMouse Pro or SpacePilot Pro have, for a long time, been an essential, indispensable component of CAD/CAM workstations in industry. In line with our corporate philosophy and our commitment to the ongoing development and enhancement of 3Dconnexion products for our users, we set up an initiative with 3Dconnexion@Campus to also foster cooperation with institutes that are training and educating the workforce of the future.

The initiative promotes the granting of access to hands-on experience of 3D software to students while they are still in third-level education, at school, or undergoing vocational training.

High-end 3D navigation at a fair price

In concrete terms, this means that 3Dconnexion offers the latest 3D motion controllers at attractive prices to young people in schools, universities, and research institutes in most countries.  For more information, visit our Education Shop.

We're ready to jump in: 3Dconnexion supports your campus projects

Ideas, creativity, making the impossible possible. 3Dconnexion is ready to jump in and help out whenever the engineers and scientists of tomorrow embark on a wide range of projects with sporting spirit, drive, and a real sense of fun.
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