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Frequently Asked Questions

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SpaceMouse not working in Adobe Reader DC

SpaceMouse input in Adobe Reader DC might be blocked by a security feature in Adobe Reader DC.


How can I find out whether the plugin for the 3D mouse in Solid Edge is loaded?

Open Solid Edge. Go to "Settings-> Add-Ins ...". Verify in the list of available add-ins the entry named "3Dcontrol" is activated.


I installed the latest 3Dconnexion driver but my 3D Mouse is not working within my application

Check if your application supports 3D Mice. There is a list of such application on the 3Dconnexion site.


What to do if a CadMouse is defect or shows cosmetic degeneration?

3Dconnexion is aware that some early batches of our CadMouse product line show signs of premature aging. This includes defect buttons or wheels and cosmetic problems of the metallic frame. 


3Dconnexion Administrators Guide

This guide is intended to provide the information needed for an IT Administrator to distribute and manage 3Dconnexion products.